The It Girl is a series of novels created by Cecily von Ziegesar. The series is ghostwritten from the original idea by von Ziegesar. The series, aimed toward young adults, is a spin-off from the bestselling Gossip Girl series.

Jenny Humphrey is the main character. During her freshman year at Constance Billard School for Girls, an exclusive private school in New York City, she got a few modeling jobs and took several risks that earned her a reputation for notorious behavior. Her risque behavior eventually got her expelled. After touring several private schools she applies and is admitted to Waverly Academy boarding school. Waverly Academy is an exclusive private school.

Like the Gossip Girl series, there is a break between every chapter with a narrative from less prominent characters. In this series, the characters use email and instant messaging to gossip and spread rumors about the primary characters.

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The It Girl










The It GirlEdit

Popular Gossip Girl character Jenny Humphrey is leaving Constance Billard to attend Waverly Academy, an elite boarding school in New York horse country where glamorous rich kids don't let the rules get in the way of an excellent time. Jennys determined to leave her crazy Manhattan past behind and become a sophisticated goddess on campus. But first shell have to contend with her self-absorbed roommates, Callie Vernon and Brett Messerschmidt. Hot guys, new intrigue, and more delicious gossip all add up to more trouble than ever for Jenny. But if getting caught with boys and going up against the Disciplinary Committee is what it takes, Jennys ready. She'll do all that and more to be The It Girl.

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- Waverly Students: Jennifer "Jenny" Tallulah Humphrey, Callie Vernon, Brett Lenore Messerschmidt, Tinsley Adea Carmichael, Chris Avery, Christine Bosley, Brandon Buchanan, Bradley, Benny Cunningham, Isaac Dresden, Isla Dresden, Parker DuBois, Heath Ferro, Sage Francis, Emily Jenkins, Julian McCafferty, Mabel Moody, Leigh Nissonson, Alexis O'Donnell, Alison Quentin, Tricia Rieken, Leila Rodriguez, Devon Sprague, Yvonne Stridder, Alan St. Girard, Molly Theal, Sebastian Valenti, Easy Walsh, Kara Whalen, Teague Williams, Ryan Reynolds, Evelyn Dahlie, Rifat Jones, Christine Bosley, Lon Baruzza, Celine Colista, Verena Arneval, Heath Ferro.